Let the fun times roll

I ran over 500km in the first 2 months of this year as I trained for the quadzilla, then after a short break picked it up again training for the Milton Keynes marathon. Significantly higher than last year and an awful lot of running to fit in around work and family. Plus marathon training can all get a little bit intense can’t it? You focus on every run and how it contributes towards achieving that big time goal, so right now I’m trying to have a little fun.

I’m triathlon training, something which I think I’m going to try and do every year at some point having enjoyed it so much last year. I’m doing another half ironman which I know is a little crazy seeing as my objective is to have some fun but I genuinely enjoy the longer races. I like the challenge of endurance and actually the longer you race the more relaxed the event gets in my experience.

Ridgeway run in the mist

That slight delusion aside I love being back in the lake again, I love the freedom of being in a big expanse of water and not constrained by a lane. I love the relaxed nature of being at the lake, getting changed by the car, chatting to other swimmers, plus of course the bacon roll at the end. We’ve made it a family activity too, the kids have a bacon roll while I swim and then my wife goes for a run when I finish while I take the kids to the playground. Fresh air, exercise, bacon rolls, what more can you want?

I’m trying desperately not to set a goal for time either, this race is just about the adventure of doing it that’s all. Not easy though, my little brother and some of his mates are also doing the race so clearly already talk of times etc. But it’s not a goal race, I have no plans to try and beat a PB, I’m doing it because it’s fun and I like a challenge. Which is reflected in my training, I have no training plan, I just know each week I should continue running most days as I do plus swim and bike at least twice each. That’s it. Simple.

Lake 32 dawn

The bike leg is likely where I’m going to suffer the most, the race is in Dartmoor so the bike course is hilly, 900m of hilly to be exact. While I may have a good endurance base for running that doesn’t fully translate to cycling of course. But I’ll manage and it should be scenic at least for those times I do lift my head up from my perfect aerodynamic tuck position. Hopefully leaving me enough strength in my legs to enjoy the half marathon at the end which looks to be mainly through forest so should be great.

It may seem like a strange idea to be training for a half ironman as a ‘break’ but I think it should actually really help my autumn racing. It gives my body a break from just running, building more all round strength and conditioning which can only be a good thing. It also gives me a mental break, a change is as good as a holiday after all. Providing I can keep it light and not get sucked into goal setting it should help me recharge and get ready to push hard again with the running. I still get my endorphin rush that I’m so addicted to but without the usual intensity or focus.

Turbo trainer in the garden with a view

That’s my theory at least, anyone else use multi sport or a different sport during their training cycles each year?

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