If I had one piece of advice

If I had one piece of advice it would be (as Baz Luhrmann says) wear sun cream. However if I could give a 2nd piece of advice itย would most definitely be wear less clothes. When running that is, I’m not telling you to get the gold budgie smugglers out when you pop down to the shops. It’s crazy the amount of people I see out running and wearing far too many layers. If you’re new to running this could potentially be the reason you stop as you just get too hot whenever you go out.beautiful summers morning

I’ll give you an example, this week in the UK has been beautifully sunny and around 20 degrees Celsius every day, yet I saw a woman running in long tights and a long sleeved fluorescent jacket. I know we all feel the heat differently but she must have lost a couple of pounds in sweat wearing that lot.

Juna Merino top-001In the winter I can understand people putting on an extra layer as that first step out of the door is never nice is it? But in the summer there really can’t be any excuse can there? If you’re heading off road into the mountains then you’re clearly going to want to carry layers etc with you but even then you probably don’t need them at the start.

My rule is that you should feel chilly or cold for the first mile. In this weather you’ll warm up quicker than that but at any other time of the year if you’re already feeling warm after a few hundred metres then chances are you have too many layers on. I think I heard it quoted somewhere that you should dress like the air temperature is 10 degrees warmer as that will be how it feels once you have got going.

So my top tip is wear 1 layer less than you think you need (unless this means being naked clearly), if you’re worried about being cold then carry a small pack on your back or waist to store an extra layer in. That way you can adjust as needed but is far better than having to strip off multiple layers a mile into a run.

Appropriately dressed for a cold, dark 6am run

Appropriately dressed for a cold,dark run

While we’re talking about clothing my other pet peeve at the moment is the distinct lack of imagination from companies when it comes to mens clothing. I see all these brightly coloured leggings and patterned tops that feature in the womens ranges and while I don’t really want my own pair of leopard print leggings it would be nice to have more choice than dull black shorts. Surely we can do better than that?

So tell me, am I just too tough and rugged and actually people should do need those layers? Also I hope you’re now singing the Baz Lurhmann song to yourself. You’re welcome.

3 thoughts on “If I had one piece of advice

  • I never fall for that mistake in the summer but always cop for it on a winter run. Hate carrying a jumper but can’t bring myself to go outside without one. My last huge clothing error was when I was on holiday last year, I ran a couple of miles to the beach, swam in the sea in my running kit and then ran home. The chaffing from my running shorts was hideous, never going on holiday without my tri suit again ๐Ÿ˜‰

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