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Running Groups

If you’d like to start running why not join one of my beginners running groups? A 10 week structured program to get you running with all the support and encouragement you need.

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Running adventures

Want to go trail running but don’t know where to start? Want to go on a group run but need help with routes? Let me know your needs and I can create the perfect run adventure for you

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Read about what I’m up to, how my training is going plus race and gear reviews.

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Fully customised plans and one on one coaching from an England Athletics qualified coach

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Dad, Runner, Triathlete, Running leader, Writer and trainee coach
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I love running, I love the outdoors, I'm learning to love triathlon and I'm passionate about getting people moving and showing them what their bodies are capable of. I'm an office working dad of 3 who understands the challenge of a work life balance and it's impact on exercise. But who knows the importance of being active for both body and mind and wants to show others how awesome it is to be a runner. Come and run with me!

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