The marathon transition

Triathlon to marathon is an interesting transition, the optimist in me hoped that 6 months of training for a half ironman would be the perfect cross training for a crack at a marathon PB, but I knew 5 weeks to shift my training and get prepared was going to be a challenge. Turns out the marathon transition is not easy!

York marathon is now a week away and I’m feeling moderately optimistic; I’ve managed to get 4┬ádecent long runs of around 30km each and got up to that distance relatively easily. I’ve also been really enjoying a 10km tempo run each week, it’s been nice to have the time without the distraction of 2 other sports to focus on running and getting some quality work in. For me the long run and the tempo run are the core of marathon training, the first builds that base endurance and gives you the confidence about time on feet while the second pushes you and tests you mentally and physically. I also do a speed session most weeks plus some easy miles of course, but those 2 runs are the ones I make sure get done properly and with focus.

The long tunnel of marathon long runs

Light at the end of the long tunnel of marathon training