Resistance training for runners

The problem with little brothers is they generally do their best to upstage you, but sometimes they do come in useful. My youngest brother is currently studying for a sports science degree which means I have my own personal strength and conditioning coach whenever I need it. Being the kind, sharing person that I am Read more about Resistance training for runners[…]

A run with a view 1/52

I love running that much I’m sure is clear, but my heart truly belongs to trail running. Being out in the countryside away from cars (and people) is what makes me happy. Having sheep, rabbits, deer, buzzards, sparrow hawks and the occasional badger for company is a whole lot better than cars, houses and tarmac. Read more about A run with a view 1/52[…]

You just put one foot in front of the other right?

That’s how you run a marathon isn’t it? How hard can it be? Well I’m going to find out shortly as having been officially categorised as a smurf for the 2nd year running by the London Marathon I’ve decided to pop my marathon cherry a lot sooner. In 5 weeks time to be precise on the 10th November where I’ll be toeing the line at the Broadway marathon.

I’d love to run the London marathon simply because it’s London and such an iconic event, but if I’m honest my heart is on the trails and so it is probably more appropriate to be tackling a trail marathon as my first marathon. Doing the Scotland coast to coast reinforced my love of the off road where the miles of road cycling really wore on me and I felt like I came alive during the off road stages both on the bike and on foot.


One month to go

Exactly one month from today I shall be (hopefully) finishing that little race I’ve signed up for. *whispers* you know the one that involves crossing Scotland from coast to coast. Which means I’m at that point before a big challenge where I’m part excited and part in denial about exactly what I’m going to do.

I’m also having a small panic over whether I’m fit enough, I think I am but the cycling still worries me as I haven’t done as much as I would have liked. Work has limited my plans for evening rides, not to mention the 2 weeks of travel to the USA. But this was also why I found myself setting an alarm for 5.30am today to get out for a 2 hour ride before work. The advantage of working from home 1 day a week is I can be a bit flexible with start times on those days and not worry about commuting to the office.

My legs felt terrible all the way around the ride, but when I got back it was not only my highest average speed (16 MPH) but also the longest at 28 miles. Not even halfway to the distance I’ll do in the race but good to know that even when feeling that my legs have no energy I can do a good pace and one higher than we plan for the race anyway.