Eyes on the target

This is it, one last push for the year, one last goal to achieve and potentially the hardest of the lot. I’m finishing the year as I started with a road marathon and I’m setting myself a big time goal of 3hrs 15mins which would also be a big PB for me. The Yorkshire marathon is just over 6 weeks away so I’m getting into the key weeks of the training now.

I missed my target of a sub 3hrs 30min at Taunton in April but I think I’ve learnt an awful lot since then and also of course have done a fair few miles over the summer with 2 ultra’s which I hope will help from an endurance perspective. Besides what’s the worse that can happen? I blow up and have to plod to the end? I can live with that and besides York will provide great scenery for the race so there are worst things to be doing.


Resistance training for runners

The problem with little brothers is they generally do their best to upstage you, but sometimes they do come in useful. My youngest brother is currently studying for a sports science degree which means I have my own personal strength and conditioning coach whenever I need it. Being the kind, sharing person that I am Read more about Resistance training for runners[…]

A run with a view 1/52

I love running that much I’m sure is clear, but my heart truly belongs to trail running. Being out in the countryside away from cars (and people) is what makes me happy. Having sheep, rabbits, deer, buzzards, sparrow hawks and the occasional badger for company is a whole lot better than cars, houses and tarmac. Read more about A run with a view 1/52[…]