Running with out n about nipper double

It’s a family affair

April has been a good month for training, nothing really focused or intense but starting to get back into a regular rhythm and even get a few swims in. I also took the decision to push my half ironman from June to August, with other things taking priority I just wasn’t getting the training in. Read more about It’s a family affair[…]

How to keep running as a new dad

I have been on 4 runs in the last 15 days, 4 slow and fairly short runs that felt like I’d run a marathon the day before. My son is now 15 days old, these 2 things may well be related….

It never ceases to amaze me how much a lack of sleep affects your ability to run properly, 3 weeks ago I was running a marathon PB and feeling great, now 5k feels like hard work. Which is both bonkers and demoralising and the same time. I’ve really enjoyed pushing myself this year to take on the races I have and while I’m basically done with racing for the year and having some down time I don’t really want to feel like I need to do the couch to 5k program just to get running again.

Frosty morning run