Run with a view 17/52

It’s been a quiet week running wise with legs not willing and motivation lacking, but I’m slowly getting back on track and this weeks run with a view photos are part of the reason why. Started to see lots of deer on my runs again which I assume is the warmer weather and also earlier Read more about Run with a view 17/52[…]

Run with a view – 16/52

A day late with this weeks run with a view but then it feels like Monday today doesn’t it? In any case last week was a great week of running. Yes that’s right, GREAT. Running confidence is such a fickle thing isn’t it? The post big race come down should never be underestimated and I Read more about Run with a view – 16/52[…]

Run with a view 15/52

Last was all about marathon recovery and feeling my way back into training. But it did feature some glorious sun rises to remind me exactly why I love trail running so much and they feature heaving on this weeks run with a view. The theory is you should do very little running in the week Read more about Run with a view 15/52[…]

Run with a view – 14/52

There is only one photo for this weeks run with a view and really there doesn’t need to be more. This is me, 26.2 miles done, everything left on the course, absolutely shattered. Not quite the time I’d hoped for, 9 mins over my 3.30 target but proud nonetheless and with every race you learn Read more about Run with a view – 14/52[…]

Run with a view 11/52

Bats, birdsong and a moon so bright it cast a shadow. Dusk falling and just the sound of my breathing and my feet on the trail. Senses alert and focused in the ever waning light. That’s the way to do recovery runs, getting back to nature, running without water or music or a pack. Just Read more about Run with a view 11/52[…]