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Lincoln half marathon race review

I’m not sure I’ve ever enjoyed a race as much as I enjoyed the Lincoln half marathon, a great route and perhaps more importantly a race where I had no time goal at all. Although ironically one where I got a PB, but more of that later. I’d entered the Lincoln half marathon with my wife with the idea being that I paced her to her first sub 2 hour finish, but she got injured in August and so didn’t manage to get enough training done. We’d booked a weekend away without kids so decided to come along any way and I’d run the race for fun.

Brayford marina in sunshine
Brayford marina looking glorious

I’m in the middle of training for Broadway marathon in November so while I hadn’t trained specifically for doing the Lincoln half marathon I’ve done plenty of miles and actually it was the perfect Sunday long run for me. Plus of course nice to be running with 3,000 other people rather than on my own and it turns out racing is a lot of fun when you have no goal set to achieve.

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Keeping it local

Almost exactly a year ago I was stood in my garden on a chilly Sunday morning when I noticed a runner go down the lane that runs next to our house. Nothing odd there, but he was in a singlet and little shorts which isn’t your normal outfit for an Autumnal Sunday run. He was also being pursuing by what turned out to be about 100 other runners of various speeds and abilities. It turns out as you may have guessed that there is a race that runs quite literally past our house.

The Swindon 10k to be precise and having missed it last year when we’d only been in the house a few months there was no way I was missing it this year. After all you really have no excuse for not entering a race that is so local do you? Which is precisely what I shall be doing this Sunday and I’m quite looking forward to it.

Interestingly I realised that it’s actually going to be my first ever road 10k so a PB is guaranteed at least. I’ve only done a couple of 10k’s before, 1 was along the Gower coastline and 60% of the course was basically a bog while the other was a hilly off road course in Bath in thick snow. Even in my tired from having a newborn state I think I can beat those 2 times.

Not that I have any real expectations of a fast time but it will be interesting to set down a start point. Given all the endurance stuff I’ve been doing this year I’m thinking of spending the winter trying to get faster and as a result set a good 5k and 10k PB. For 5k I know I can get under 20 minutes (not attempted it yet mind) but not sure how much. Is 18 minutes achievable perhaps? For 10k I’d love to get a sub 40 minute time but not sure how much below that magical barrier I can get. I think it’ll be fun to try and after doing nothing shorter than a marathon this year will be quite refreshing to be finished with a race in under an hour.

My one reservation is that it involves being around road runners a lot, they’re a funny bunch with their little shorts and singlet tops aren’t they? Take it ever so seriously too, bit intense for me, I prefer the more relaxed feel of a trial race where just being out on the course is a big part of the motivation. But I shall be donning my own singlet this time and wearing my club colours, might even dig out some little shorts. Anything to make you faster right?

Good luck if you’re racing this weekend too.