Veggie burritos – the ultimate runners food

It’s quite fitting that my last post was a month ago and was all about priorities because prioritising is exactly what I’ve been doing recently and the net result is not a lot of exercise. Or at the very least not much focused exercise because I’ve still been running most days with Bracken. Sometimes life is just more important and the last few weeks that has definitely been the case as my mother in law passed away. Trying to get that interval session in suddenly seems less important.

But what I have been doing is trying to get back on the healthy eating bandwagon. As much as I hate the word this essentially means clean eating or at least my interpretation of it. Getting rid of sugar (I have such a sweet tooth so this is hard) and getting as many veggies into my diet as I can. Which is partly the reason for my current obsession with veggie burritos.

We’ve been having them at least once a week because they’re so easy to make and you can pack them full of flavour and a variety of tasty veg. They also fill you up nicely which is something I often struggle with when eating veggie. Waitrose do a really nice wild and brown rice mix that adds some flavour and is also much better for you than white rice.