Plusnet Yorkshire marathon 2015 review

The short story of this race is that I went with 3.20 as  goal and in classic marathon style was on track until 30km and then my legs went and I ended up with 3.27. I’ll be honest I was quite disappointed for a while, you put so much energy and commitment into attempting a fast Read more about Plusnet Yorkshire marathon 2015 review[…]

Cotswold Classic race review

It’s official, I’m a triathlete! Cotswold Classic middle distance triathlon – done. Another bucket list race ticked off, although as ever when you complete a challenge you’ve been building towards for a while it feels a little anti climatic. I probably spent more time getting my kit prepped for the race than actually doing the race, not to mention the many many hours of training. However (and I’ll whisper this quietly) despite saying after the race I’m not doing another one again I think I might add this race to my calendar for next year also.

I thought just doing the race would scratch the triathlon itch, but having done it I think I have a real chance to go quicker by making a few simple changes. I generally come away from races happy that I’ve done the best I can but this time it’s really nagging at me to have another crack. My plan was to try to improve my marathon time next year so we’ll have to see how it fits in.


Marshal matters

When I volunteered to help run a check point at an ultra I pictured myself in a scenic location handing out snacks and cups of tea to the tired but happy runners as they pass through on their crazy challenge. However the reality was sitting in a deck chair on a street corner on the outskirts of Bath at 5.30am with every person who drove past looking at us like we were crazy.

But despite this I’d like to take this opportunity to urge all of you at some point in the next year to volunteer at a race. We all love taking part in races but they can’t happen without volunteers because lets face it there isn’t a lot of money to be made as a race organiser unless you get to the scale of a big city marathon. It only takes a few hours of your time but is your opportunity to give something back, even better if you can do it for one of your favourite or local races. As an added bonus many race organisers will offer you either free race entry or discounted entry for the following year, so if nothing else it’s an easy way to reduce your entry fees (not sure I’m brave enough for 100 miles though).