Running with out n about nipper double

It’s a family affair

April has been a good month for training, nothing really focused or intense but starting to get back into a regular rhythm and even get a few swims in. I also took the decision to push my half ironman from June to August, with other things taking priority I just wasn’t getting the training in. Read more about It’s a family affair[…]


If you looked at my training on Strava over the last few weeks you would never know I’m training for a half iron man in June. In fact writing that actually makes me a little nervous because I really am not doing the training that I’d hoped to at this point in time.¬†Every athlete has to make training decisions based on their own priorities and for most of February the priority for me has not been my training.

On Sunday I had the chance to head out at 6am for a run with no pressure to get back to get ready for work. But instead I chose to stay in bed and have a cuddle with my children when they woke up (which wasn’t long after!). As a dad who runs sometimes those are the priorities you have to make. We’ve been a house of sickness for at least 2 weeks now, which included a trip to A&E on Friday night with one of them, so grabbing some time to relax as a family and take things easy was definitely needed.