It’s speedo time

That’s it, first swim of triathlon training done and amazingly I didn’t ache too much, just a little bit of stiffness in my neck. I managed to swim a whole 30 lengths (not in one go clearly) without needing lifeguard assistance or weaving across my lane. Personally I’d call that a success.

I’ve always swum, in fact in my early teens we used to go every Friday for a swim and then we’d eat chips in the car on the way home (reverse carbo loading). But I’d never really call myself a swimmer, competent enough but not fast or particularly talented. But given that the only swimming I’ve done in the last 2 years is splashing around in the pool with the children I was actually pleasantly surprised with my technique and strength.

I’m sure if I saw a video of my swimming it probably wouldn’t be very pretty, but in my head at least I was living the mantra of ‘think long and smooth’. I just need to train my left arm to work properly, it seems to just swing over and land in the water with a very ungainly splash.