Run with a view 8/52

A day late with this weeks run with a view but I’m afraid I was having too nice a weekend to disturb it with blogging. Sunshine, coffee with my 2 little buddies and Sunday morning pancakes make for one very contented man. It’s been an interesting week though, one that started with not a lot Read more about Run with a view 8/52[…]

muddy spaniel

Tempo runs countryside style

Last week I had the rare pleasure of an early evening run in the beautiful autumn sun rather than my usual trudge at 6am in the pitch black. All facilitated by bunking off work early (I had been working hard and deserved an early finish of course) and maybe also persuading my lovely wife to do solo bath time with the little monsters.

Given that I’m marathon training and really should be doing something other than easy runs I thought I’d make use of the daylight to do a tempo run. So me and the hound headed off on one of our usual trails in the Wiltshire countryside at a nice pace which felt great, not sure how much Bracken appreciated the lack of chances to sniff things though.