August 23, 2013

Race bucket list

Just like the greatest trail runner alive Kilian Jornet I too have a bucket list of races I want to do, however unlike him I’m aiming to just complete them and not win them!

As you’ll see my bucket list is all about trail running and long races, which may seem a bit crazy given that I’m sat here writing this having never run further than 15 miles. But you have to set yourself a challenge don’t you? Most of these are also UK based simply because for now there are so many races here I want to do and travelling to race is unrealistic on the whole.

  1. Broadway marathon – could be my first marathon and what better place to do it than the Cotswold’s in the autumn? Done! first marathon and came 13th in 4 hours and 14 minutes.
  2. Scotland coast to coast – 105 miles of cycling, trail running and kayaking in one day? Sounds awesome! – Done! September 14th 2013 in 11 hours and 8 minutes.
  3. Race to the stones – 100km along the Ridgeway with the added bonus of finishing a few miles from my house! – Done! July 2015.
  4. 10 peaks Brecon Beacons – this one will have to wait a while until I’m fit enough and experienced enough but what an incredible challenge. 10 peaks in the Brecon Beacons in 24 hours with 89km of running.
  5. North Devon marathon – a stunning marathon along the Devon coast
  6. Kielder ultra trail – 100km around Kielder water in the stunning Lake District, what more could you want?
  7. Ultra Trail South West – 60 or 100 miles along the coastal path in Cornwall, one of the top UK ultra’s
  8. Gower ultra, Coastal Trail series – I could have easily picked any of the races from this series but the Gower one is truly stunning.
  9. The Pig ultra duathlon – 6 mile run up a mountain, 105 mile bike, 20 mile trail run. Sounds  awesome!
  10. Ring O Fire – despite the slightly dodgy name this is a bit of a beast, a 3 day race circumnavigating the Isle of Anglesey and covering 135 miles.
  11. North downs way 50 – well established on the UK Ultra calendar now and follows 50 miles of the beautiful North Downs way just outside of London.
  12. South Downs way 50 – sister race of the above and another classic UK ultra.
  13. Toad challenge; a 3 day event along 90 miles of the river Thames from Oxford to Wallingford with stop overs in village halls along the way. Sounds a pretty cool way to spend a few days and catch up with other runners.
  14. Comrades – this was run a few weeks ago and every time I here the audio from the start of the cockerel crowing and then chariots of fire playing it just sends shivers down my spine. Surely has to be on everyone’s bucket list doesn’t it?

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