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Part of the reason I am so addicted to running is the adventure, be that investigating a new city or getting out in the middle of the countryside. I love that feeling of exploring, of each new step being a step into the unknown. You see and experience so much more when you’re on your own two feet rather than in a car.

With each new challenge or adventure the hunger just grows rather than being satisfied, always looking for the next race to tick off, the next crazy adventure to attempt. The bucket list continues to grow, there are simply too many races out there that I want to do. Races in the mountains, long races, multi day races, multi sport races, races abroad, marathons, ultra marathons the list goes on.


The running dad – The big challenge 2013

The plan was always that 2012 would be the year I got back running properly after hurting my back and then 2013 would be an opportunity to target a race on my bucket list. Well best laid plans and all that, 2012 turned out to be a lot tougher with my back still causing problems Read more about The running dad – The big challenge 2013[…]

The running dad – when the running gods make you their bitch

Being a runner can get pretty lonely, all those miles of training, just you and the sound of your breathing for company. You do hill sprints, tempo runs, slow long runs, core training all stepping stones towards taking on your challenge whatever that is. Then the race weekend approaches, the excitement builds tinged with a Read more about The running dad – when the running gods make you their bitch[…]