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The Broadway marathon – race review

Poppy on race packMy top tip if you’re running a marathon is not to do it on Remembrance Sunday and if you do happen to do it on Remembrance Sunday definitely don’t listen to Good Morning Sunday on the drive to registration. Alas I failed on both counts and arrived in a beautifully sunny Broadway a little bit emotional but also proud to be wearing a poppy on my race pack for the day.

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Preview: Broadway marathon

Dirty Scott Grip 2

A final long run that involves lots of mud and 40 mph winds has to be good prep for a trail marathon doesn’t it? At least that’s what I’m telling myself after yesterdays run along the ridgeway. Now a week of tapering and trying to avoid feeling nervous before tackling my first ever marathon. It’s an odd feeling being this close to a race than involves going further than you’ve ever gone before, you think you’re ready but you never truly know until you try do you?

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You just put one foot in front of the other right?

That’s how you run a marathon isn’t it? How hard can it be? Well I’m going to find out shortly as having been officially categorised as a smurf for the 2nd year running by the London Marathon I’ve decided to pop my marathon cherry a lot sooner. In 5 weeks time to be precise on the 10th November where I’ll be toeing the line at the Broadway marathon.

I’d love to run the London marathon simply because it’s London and such an iconic event, but if I’m honest my heart is on the trails and so it is probably more appropriate to be tackling a trail marathon as my first marathon. Doing the Scotland coast to coast reinforced my love of the off road where the miles of road cycling really wore on me and I felt like I came alive during the off road stages both on the bike and on foot.

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Race review; Scotland coast to coast

At the start in NairnSo I did it, I crossed Scotland in a day. Well 11 hours, 8 minutes and 3 seconds to be precise. 11 hours of continuous exercise starting in Nairn on the east coast and finishing in Glencoe on the west coast. It was brutal, challenging, spectacular and exhausting. The Scotland coast to coast I salute you.

What more would you expect from 28 miles of running, 85 miles of cycling and 2 miles of kayaking with the small matter of 4,000 metres of climbing (and the equivalent descent)? It’s the longest I’ve ever cycled and for the stat lovers amongst you also featured the slowest half marathon I’ve ever done at 3 hours (if you’d seen the ‘hills’ you’d understand why).

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