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Jersey Pocket bars review

Nutrition is one of the few areas of endurance sports products that seems to have genuine innovation in it at the moment. Not only that but innovation from small British companies who are delivering some excellent products and who are able to compete with the bigger brands. I’ve never really enjoyed the traditional gels/bars/drinks from Powerbar etc; not something I stomach easily and it didn’t sit well with my approach to eating in general where I try to eat fresh food that is organic/free range. Feels odd to be eating that way during the week and then stuffing sugary gels into my body whenever I run or ride.

That’s where companies like Jersey Pocket come in with products that use quality ingredients with little processing and no preservatives or refined sugars. If I was a Fitspo Instagrammer I’d be tagging all my photos of these bars with #cleaneating or #realfood but that’s just a stupid way of saying eating properly. But whatever you call it these bars are excellent, not all to my taste as you will see but I cannot fault the quality.


Veggie burritos – the ultimate runners food

It’s quite fitting that my last post was a month ago and was all about priorities because prioritising is exactly what I’ve been doing recently and the net result is not a lot of exercise. Or at the very least not much focused exercise because I’ve still been running most days with Bracken. Sometimes life is just more important and the last few weeks that has definitely been the case as my mother in law passed away. Trying to get that interval session in suddenly seems less important.

But what I have been doing is trying to get back on the healthy eating bandwagon. As much as I hate the word this essentially means clean eating or at least my interpretation of it. Getting rid of sugar (I have such a sweet tooth so this is hard) and getting as many veggies into my diet as I can. Which is partly the reason for my current obsession with veggie burritos.

We’ve been having them at least once a week because they’re so easy to make and you can pack them full of flavour and a variety of tasty veg. They also fill you up nicely which is something I often struggle with when eating veggie. Waitrose do a really nice wild and brown rice mix that adds some flavour and is also much better for you than white rice.


Review: Chia Charge flapjacks

Note this isn’t a sponsored post, I just wanted to share a great product with you.

The greatest flapjack I have ever eaten was during the Scotland coast to coast last year, we’d just finished the first bike leg of around 60 miles involving some serious hill climbing and the gels I had with me just weren’t doing it for me. Then at an aid station we came across these little squares of sugary heaven. At that moment in time it was the greatest food on earth, a perfect combination of sugar and carbs that melted in the mouth.

Everyone craves something different food wise when they take on an endurance challenge like this or an ultra, but I learned from that race that I need real food and something that isn’t pure sugar. However it also needs to be relatively simple flavour wise otherwise you spend the next few hours tasting it again. […]

Review – Chia energy gel

  With the plan to run beyond marathon distance this year I thought it would make sense to give some serious thought to race nutrition. So far in my racing I’ve gone with the standard gel approach and in general I’d say it’s been successful. I’ve found which brands I like the taste of and Read more about Review – Chia energy gel[…]