Running/life balance

At work we talk about work life balance, this nirvana state where you have the balance between your work life and personal life that suits you. In that state you will be perfectly productive while at work because your life feels balanced and you know you have the time and energy to do the things in your personal life you enjoy. Of course it’s not that simple but the principle is something I do agree with, I know I work better when I feel I have the right balance and the energy I’m putting into work (and is being asked of me) is in balance.  I’ve realised to my cost in January that the principle also applies to running and the balance between running and the rest of your life.  That you can’t commit to an intensive training plan with all the energy (mentally and physically) that requires if the rest of your life has significant demands to. It just doesn’t work, something has to break and likely that thing is you.



Where’s the light at the end of the tunnel?

If you’d asked me this time last week how I was feeling you’d have got a big smile and an enthusiastic GREAT, my Saturday long run had gone really well and I was feeling healthy and strong. I was on track for my marathon training and enjoying every run even the ones in the dark at 6am.

Fast forward a week and it couldn’t be more different, my right ankle is swollen and purple after spraining it again on Friday morning. My planned long run today out the window and not sure I really want to be running in the mornings any more. Amazing how your emotions can swing from so highs to lows in a short space of time.


Running is hard when your ankle looks like this

My little ankle sprain from Sunday’s trail run appears to slightly worse than I thought, at least if this shiny purple bruising is anything to go by. Not really conducive to running is it? So no running this week and hopefully I can get back on track next week, it’s an important couple of weeks Read more about Running is hard when your ankle looks like this[…]