September 9, 2017

About page

The 2 moments in my life when I am my most happiest are when I’m with my family and when I’m running free on the trails. I’ll never tire of that feeling of tying the laces on your trail shoes and heading out at dawn while the world sleeps. Just you and the trails with the occasional deer or hare for company, the only sound your feet hitting the ground and your breathing as you push up the hill.

Running creates balance in my life, the yin that offsets the yang of office work. It washes away the stresses, irons out the aches in my back and clears my brain of fuzz. I’ll run anywhere but given a choice I’ll choose a trail run every time. Away from the grey tarmac and noisy roads is where I really relax.

When I’m not running I’m a dad to 3 little bundles of craziness, 2 boys and a girl, who ensure I’m well trained at dealing with sleep deprivation. We also have a beautiful English Springer Spaniel called Bracken who is my running buddy and enjoys the trails perhaps even more than I do. My only chance of ever out running him is if it’s hot, but even then I have to push it.

The rest of the time I’m an office worker, in a good job but not one that involves being outdoors. A job which pays the bills but one where I dream of working in the mountains or the very least a company that makes things for the mountains.

So that’s my story. This blog is all about me as a runner, the training, the races and my growing obsession with lycra since I bought a road bike. It’ll also involve some other exercise because being just a runner is boring and some of the races that get my juices flowing also involve water or a bike.

I also write a blog about being a dad called Mutterings of a Fool, it’s not bad so my wife tells me. It’s even won an award or 2.

Do say hello if you’re reading this, I’m happy to do reviews if they fit with this blog but please note I have a full disclosure policy.