The no plan training plan

Sometimes you need to push yourself to stick to a training plan and get through a tough period. Sometimes, however, you need to listen to your body and mind and back off. This is one of those times. I’ve never been a prolific racer but the whole idea of taking part in a race at the moment doesn’t motivate me at all. The discipline of training and then the hassle of race day just to get a medal doesn’t appeal nor does religiously following a training plan.

Maybe I’m a bit jaded from such an intense 6 months last year building up to my Ironman? Whatever it is I’m currently using the no plan training plan. I don’t have a colourful table on my fridge telling me what I’m doing each day, instead I’m just doing what I feel like (or don’t feel like for that matter). I’m still trying to train as a triathlete and do all 3 sports each week I’m just doing so without feeling I HAVE to get the sessions done. It’s really quite refreshing.

Enjoying the view rather than worrying about the pace

Training approach

Now I know to some of you this may sound like an odd approach to training for someone who’s just qualified as a running coach. But actually it matches perfectly with my coaching style and how we were trained and that is to be athlete led. There will be athletes who absolutely need to have extremely structured training plans either because that’s their style or because that’s what needed for them to hit their goal.

But for others it may be enough to give them loose direction on the type of training they should be doing and let them decide each day what to do. Of course the athlete has to understand what that means with regards to their goals but given that the athlete is me and right now my only goal is to be active it’s perfect!

First swim of the year!

2018 race plans

I currently have a middle distance triathlon booked in for June but am going to either cancel or sell my place as I’m not fit enough and also not motivated. The only other plan I have for this year is the Velo South in September so not technically a race and a nice challenge to keep me riding my bike over the summer. I’ve entered with 2 of my brothers so the plan is to make it quite social and enjoy riding 100 miles on closed roads, not something you get chance to do very often.

Other than that I just want to fall back in love with training again, enjoy being outdoors and having an adventure. Today we went to the lake for the first time this year and had a swim, so nice to be in the open water again gliding along spotting fish even if it was a little chilly (the claimed water temperature was 18 degrees but I’m not convinced).

Exploring, fun even in the mist

In June I start a new job in South Wales so we’re also going to be relocating, a big change from Wiltshire but I can’t wait to have the Brecon Beacons on my doorstep. Maybe an opportunity for some real adventures? I’d love to do a multi day run and wild camp or stay in a bothy. I can feel some new kit purchases coming already!

What about you? Do you have a lots of structure to your training or enjoy a more relaxed train as you feel approach?

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