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Nutrition is one of the few areas of endurance sports products that seems to have genuine innovation in it at the moment. Not only that but innovation from small British companies who are delivering some excellent products and who are able to compete with the bigger brands. I’ve never really enjoyed the traditional gels/bars/drinks from Powerbar etc; not something I stomach easily and it didn’t sit well with my approach to eating in general where I try to eat fresh food that is organic/free range. Feels odd to be eating that way during the week and then stuffing sugary gels into my body whenever I run or ride.

That’s where companies like Jersey Pocket come in with products that use quality ingredients with little processing and no preservatives or refined sugars. If I was a Fitspo Instagrammer I’d be tagging all my photos of these bars with #cleaneating or #realfood but that’s just a stupid way of saying eating properly. But whatever you call it these bars are excellent, not all to my taste as you will see but I cannot fault the quality.

jersey pocket bars

Jersey Pocket bars were a sponsor of the Equaliser triathlon and offered a discount code to all entrants, as I’m always interested in trying new products I ordered myself a sample box. I do like the concept of a sample box, such a clever way for a company to show you what they can do and tempt you into trying which you might not do otherwise.

What’s in the box?

The box comes with 10 different Jersey Pocket bars in it to give you a good selection from the range, all beautifully packaged as you can see from the photos and a clear note on the top to store them in the fridge (has to be a good sign of the freshness of the ingredients doesn’t it?). You can also freeze the bars if you wish which I quite like the idea of if I order more, although they’ll keep in the fridge for a few months so no real issue with using them in time.

Of the selection in my box I loved the sweet and savoury slow release bars, the savoury one in particular was like eating a peanut butter cookie. A hint of sweetness to it but not too much, something which really works for me as I struggle to eat anything sweet once my body is working hard. Surprisingly I didn’t like the chocoeat bar which looked and sounded great, but none of us liked the taste of. As the name of these bars suggest they’re designed to give you some slow release carbs to take during a long ride or run and worked really well for me in my testing.

jersey pocket energy bites

I also received some of the cold press energy bites which have chia seeds, dates, raisins and peanuts in plus flavours. I found these a bit mixed to be honest, the consistency is good (a little crumbly) and doesn’t need much chewing but some of the flavours are quite strong. Lime and coconut is my favourite of the ones I had, they definitely stack up from a nutrition point of view though with 26.5g of carbs and 6.7g of protein in each 55g bar.

The final bar I’ll mention is the Super Race bar, very tasty and satisfying mid ride. It felt like this gave me a really solid intake of calories and nutrients in a bar that is easy to eat and actually tastes of something.

The verdict

In all the Jersey Pocket bars are a really quality product that I’d recommend you try out, they weren’t all to my taste but you can’t fault the ingredients or production. I really like the packaging in thick foil and paper which kept them fresh on rides and aesthetically looks good. The price is also reasonable in my opinion with the bars costing around £2 each depending on how big a pack you buy etc. Not much to pay given the quality of the ingredients that has gone into them and worth it to ensure your body gets good nutrients to help it perform.

What other sports nutrition products do you use? Any other companies like Jersey Pocket out there?

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