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I run at 6am 5 or 6 days a week all year around which means I spend at least 5 months of the year running in the dark and cold, it also means that 2 of my most essential bits of kit are a head torch and a pair of gloves. If you can see where you are going and keep your hands warm then you’re half way to enjoying a run no matter what the weather.

I’ve always used Petzl head torches and have a Tikka that has served me well for a few years now although I realised doing the Sleepwalker night race in November that there are some much brighter head torches out there and I shall be treating myself to an upgrade before the dark mornings begin again in the autumn.

Gloves are a much simpler bit of kit of course but they do need to fulfill 3 very important criteria and I’ve been putting the eGlove Sport running gloves to the test over the past few weeks to see how they fared when judged against them.

1 – Keep your hands warm – obvious I know but also the raison detre of a running glove. But unless you run in particularly mountainous conditions you also don’t want gloves that make your hands too warm. Having to choose between hot throbbing hands and bare numb ones is not good so the gloves need to be relatively thin and of course good at wicking the moisture away. The eGlove’s have performed well in this beautiful spring weather we’ve been experiencing, it’s made for some glorious sun rises but not so glorious temperatures. Keeping my hands warm in temperatures close to or below zero but not too hot.

eGlove sport in the frost

2 – Good for wiping your nose on – yes I know slightly disgusting but cold mornings mean runny noses and you can’t really carry a bag of tissues with you can you? A quick wipe with the back of you glove is a much better option and thankfully the eGlove has a nice fleecy type material on the back of the index finger which is perfect for absorbing snot. Enough said.

3 – Let you use your phone without taking them off – yes yes I know, why would you need to use your phone when you’re focused on your run? But the reality is many of us do use our phones for apps to track our runs, to play music or maybe even to make phone calls and you don’t want to have to take your gloves off and get cold hands to do it. Personally I always carry my phone because I run off road and like the peace of mind of having it with me in case of emergencies. It also means I can of course take photos to share on Instagram and prove that I need indeed go for a run (it doesn’t count unless it’s on Strava and Instagram). The big selling point of the eGlove is the ability to use your phone with them still on thanks to a couple of special patches on the end of the thumb and index finger. This worked really well, such a simple design feature but much appreciated on cold winter mornings when you’re trying to get the perfect sunrise picture.

On these 3 measures the eGlove stacks up well, add in the fact that the website has an excellent size guide where you measure your palm size and match up to the size table and you have a very good product. Certainly one that I think will be a mainstay in my cold weather running kit going forward.

For more information you can check out the eGlove website. eGlove also make gloves for other sports such as cycling and skiing.

Disclaimer: I was sent a free pair of eGlove’s to try out, but all words and opinions here are my own.

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