Taking on the Quadzilla

Any race with a name like THE QUADZILLA (said in the style of the xfactor announcer) is clearly not going to be a walk in the park, although technically it is in a park, and in this case it involves 4 marathons in 4 days. If you say that quickly it doesn’t sound too bad, at least that’s what I’ve been telling myself. I’ve been trying to not to think about running a marathon with the DOMS from 3 marathons in my legs. I remember after my first marathon being able to barely walk down the stairs the next day let alone think about going out and running another one.

But what I love about running is that these challenges exist, that if you so desire you don’t have to ‘just’ run a marathon. You can do one off road, on an island, in the jungle, in the desert, multiple in one day, multiple days in a row the list goes on. At the moment I can’t see myself settling down and doing the same time of races each year, I need the variety to keep me mentally challenged as much as anything. I also like to get out of my comfort zone, the same reason I did a triathlon last year, challenge myself in a different way.


This time I do also have another motivation as I’ve decided to also try to raise money for 2 charities; Macmillan cancer support and Save the Children. I’ve written a longer post on my parenting blog here if you’re interested, but both these charities are ones I feel passionate about and I hope that by thinking about why I’m running will help me get through those tough patches in the race. I’d run an awful lot further if I know it would stop people going through the pain of losing someone like we have.

Despite having this extra motivation I’ll be quite honest that I’m really quite scared about this race. My biggest worry is that I don’t know how my body will react to doing multiple days. 10 years of sitting at a desk hasn’t done me any good and my back is a bit fragile, this week I had a bit of a flare up and have taken a few days off running as a result. I think the combination of a big week of running last week and 26 hours of meetings at work was not a good one. I would hate to fail to finish this race because my back is too painful or something else is injured.

Marathon traning plan

The last few days aside training has been going well though, I’ve been ticking off the days consistently and kept a good level of mileage for the last 5 weeks or so. It’s a bit of an odd thing training for multiple marathons because I need to get my body used to running on tired legs rather than worrying so much about building speed. My aim is to run all 4 marathons in under 4 hours so quite a bit slower than my PB although I’m not sure it’ll feel like that on day 4!

My focus now is shifting a bit to thinking about nutrition, getting the food right between marathons is going to be really important. Clearly need to get quite a few calories back in after each race and also eat the right things to help me recover. But I’ll be staying in a hotel so reliant on restaurants and shops which makes things a little trickier. Need to do some research on what’s nearby I think, eating fatty pub food 4 days in a row isn’t going to do me any good at all.

As I missed a few days this week I’m going to keep the mileage going until the middle of next week and then start a 10 day gradual taper. Not too drastic because I really don’t feel good when a taper involves almost stopping. Most likely I’ll keep the frequency of runs but just wind down the distance and pace. Then 2 weeks tomorrow is race day!

Any advice for doing multiple days is much appreciated. If you also happen to feel like giving me a small donation I’d be forever grateful, you can find my fundraising page here.

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