It’s a family affair

April has been a good month for training, nothing really focused or intense but starting to get back into a regular rhythm and even get a few swims in. I also took the decision to push my half ironman from June to August, with other things taking priority I just wasn’t getting the training in. The awesome people at 113 events swapped me over without fuss or cost and honestly it’s like a weight has been lifted.

With the race being a bit further away now I’ve enjoyed just running again without any pressure and more importantly with family. With 3 children under 4 and my wife getting back into running now that our youngest is 6 months old fitting in training can be challenging. So we decided the logical solution was to take the children with us!

First family run

We are now the proud owners of 2 running pushchairs, the first an old Phil and Ted’s dash bought and the second a double Out n About Nipper both bought off eBay. I’m massively impressed with the Out n About, so easy to run with and even with 2 kids in it rolls along easily. In fact I kind of wish we’d bought the single version of that rather than the Phil and Ted’s really . If you’re interested in running with your kids then have a look on eBay for the Out n About pushchairs, plenty on there and you can get a decent one for around £70.

We’ve done a couple of runs now with all 5 of us, I’m sure the people in our neighbourhood must think we’re bonkers heading out both pushing pushchairs but I love getting the children involved in exercise and it’s the only way my wife and I will get to run together any time soon.

first family run

It does of course limit you a little bit where you can run, trail running is not really an option unless you want to give your child whiplash! But with a bit thought you can get a decent run in or you can do what I did this morning and treat it as a very relaxed easy run. I took the 2 youngest out for a run along the canal and then around some small lakes. We stopped to look at the ducks and on the bridges over roads, we chatted about the cows in the fields as went along and all manner of other things as normally happens with a 2 year old. All the time Rupert happily snoozed away for his morning nap, perfect. A nice 5k done in around 35 minutes with a little bit of resistance training thrown in for good measure.

Running with a pushchair certainly works your muscles differently to, because you don’t use your arms and don’t have a full stride really I find it gives my hips a great workout. It’s also a good test of your core strength as you keep relatively still from the waist up. Plus pushing a pushchair which weighs 12kg with 2 children in it who weigh over 25kg between them makes you feel any incline!

A fab way to start the weekend before cheering on everyone doing the London Marathon tomorrow and then a birthday bbq. Whatever your plans are this weekend have fun and I hope they feature some running.

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