If you looked at my training on Strava over the last few weeks you would never know I’m training for a half iron man in June. In fact writing that actually makes me a little nervous because I really am not doing the training that I’d hoped to at this point in time.¬†Every athlete has to make training decisions based on their own priorities and for most of February the priority for me has not been my training.

On Sunday I had the chance to head out at 6am for a run with no pressure to get back to get ready for work. But instead I chose to stay in bed and have a cuddle with my children when they woke up (which wasn’t long after!). As a dad who runs sometimes those are the priorities you have to make. We’ve been a house of sickness for at least 2 weeks now, which included a trip to A&E on Friday night with one of them, so grabbing some time to relax as a family and take things easy was definitely needed.

Sometimes I wish I was like some of the people I chat to on Twitter who have no children and head off for the weekend to Scotland for an adventure or do a work out before and after work. I love running and cycling and most of all being outdoors but the reality is that exercise comes third on my list of priorities after family and work. My aspirations and goals need to be set with that in mind so that they are challenging but also realistic.

With this in mind the reality of trying to train for a triathlon is starting to sink in. It’s hard enough getting my runs in every week but now I need to add 2 more sports in. Swimming is being done at lunch times but only twice a week at the moment. I might get more done once I can get in the lake when it’s a little warmer as the family can join me up there at the weekends.

Snow drops

For the bike I am now the proud owner of a shiny yellow turbo trainer and this week will hopefully start doing that a couple of evenings a week. Which may at least let me catch up on some podcast listening if nothing else. Not quite sure how I feel about training indoors like that yet but needs must.

Outside there are the first hints of spring coming; snowdrops are in bloom, the ground has melted into a sea of mud and the mornings are starting to get lighter. I’m hoping that my training may also be showing the first signs of what’s to come. At the very least I’m enjoying the variety, even if it is hard work fitting it all in.

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