It’s speedo time

That’s it, first swim of triathlon training done and amazingly I didn’t ache too much, just a little bit of stiffness in my neck. I managed to swim a whole 30 lengths (not in one go clearly) without needing lifeguard assistance or weaving across my lane. Personally I’d call that a success.

I’ve always swum, in fact in my early teens we used to go every Friday for a swim and then we’d eat chips in the car on the way home (reverse carbo loading). But I’d never really call myself a swimmer, competent enough but not fast or particularly talented. But given that the only swimming I’ve done in the last 2 years is splashing around in the pool with the children I was actually pleasantly surprised with my technique and strength.

I’m sure if I saw a video of my swimming it probably wouldn’t be very pretty, but in my head at least I was living the mantra of ‘think long and smooth’. I just need to train my left arm to work properly, it seems to just swing over and land in the water with a very ungainly splash.

Going to a swimming pool goes against all my natural urges though; it’s indoors, with lots of other people and very organised and regimented. I love running because I can go whenever and wherever suits me and for the most part running on trails you don’t see anyone. Going to a swimming pool is the complete opposite and costs you money, I stared in a bit of shock when the lady asked me for £5.30. That’s an awful lot of money for a 30 minute swim isn’t it?

Thankfully in a couple of months I can start swimming in the lake where the triathlon will take place. I think that will suit me much better than a visit to the leisure centre and has the added bonus of not needing to plan around a pool schedule. I’m quite looking forward to swimming in a lake as the sun rises over head, the perfect way to start the day?

Not sure I can quite pull off budgy smugglers as well as this. photo © 2006 Sony Pictures

I also now need to put some thought into my swimming attire, my bright green board shorts may look good on a Cornish beach but aren’t really ideal when you’re trying to swim lengths are they? Not sure I’m quite ready to go the whole hog and don a pair of budgy smugglers just yet. I assume there is a half way house of lycra based clothing that covers a bit more flesh? Perhaps I can get one of those suits that are now banned in the Olympics?

If anyone has any good swim sessions to do or even recommendations for swim wear do let me know.

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