Race preview – Yorkshire marathon

It’s been an odd experience training for a marathon that I’m still not sure if I’m going to be running or not; our 3rd baby is due on the 16th so in theory could come any day now. So for the past 10 weeks of my training I’ve had to stay committed to the plan all the while knowing that it may have been essentially a waste. Although to be honest I quite enjoy the focus of a training plan and my mileage didn’t increase much beyond normal so it wasn’t a great hardship.

Now just 4 days before the Yorkshire marathon starts I’m feeling ready and relaxed. Assuming I do make it to the start line I feel confident in attempting my target time of 3.15, training went really well with almost zero missed sessions and good quality throughout. However I’ve definitely reached that point at the end of a training block where I’m really quite ready to stop the long runs and just get on with the race.

I tried out some great speed sessions which brought a nice variety to my normal runs and hopefully helped me get a little speed back after all that ultra training. I also managed to get 2 long runs in longer than 20 miles which I haven’t done before, I’m hoping this helps when I go through the rough patch I’ve had in my last 2 marathons around the dreaded 21 mile mark. This time I’ll most likely also have my little brother on my shoulder though which is a great motivator to push on when things get tough.

long run selfie

Final long run done

I am really quite excited about doing Yorkshire marathon, it got great reviews last year and looks like a beautiful course with a big part of the attraction being the first few miles through the old city. It’s also reasonably flat which hopefully will mean that PB is achievable and the weather even looks like it will play ball. ┬áThe big goal is a 3.15 marathon, but I’d be very happy with sub 3.20 so we’ll see how the legs are feeling etc. I’m hoping that my year of higher mileage and ultra running will give me more endurance than I’ve had before and also have helped me mentally.

It’s been a while since I did a big race like this, Taunton marathon in April was relatively small and most of the other races I’ve done in the last few years have been trail events which are inevitably small. It’ll be great having the crowds to cheer me on, although I guess the middle section of the race out in the countryside may be a little quieter.

Now I just have to hope that baby boy doesn’t appear and scupper my plans…..

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