The early bird gets into the race

I came across a new (to me) ultra last week that looked really interesting; a flat, scenic route that has potential to be a great PB course. It was also relatively cheap and had good reviews. I chatted it over with my brother and we both agreed it was on the potential list for next year. Today I went to have a read of the website again and noticed that next years race was sold out, 3 days after tickets were released and 9 months before the race starts.

I’ve seen the same scenario play out a few times now for 2015 races, which I can understand for the big ones but this was a just a small, almost local race. I guess that’s a reflection of how popular running and in particular ultra running has become. But I can’t bring myself to start planning 2015 yet when I haven’t finished this years races yet. I don’t know yet if I want to carry on with the ultras or do something different but I’m now worried I may miss out on any race I do find anyway.

When you have one or two big race goals it’s easy to plan 9 months or more ahead in booking a race and then planning the training build up. But it’s harder with the smaller B and C goal races, ones you do just because or as training for your A goals. You almost need to employ a PA to help coordinate your calendar and ensure you don’t miss a race entry opening.

Maybe there is a gap in the market for a service that tells you not just when a race is but also when entry opens? In fact I’m calling that one as my idea, I wonder if is available?

Next year is going to be the first year in three years that I haven’t already got a big goal in mind. However I am thinking it might be time to see what this triathlon business is all about. My little brother has just done a half iron distance triathlon and watching that has inspired me a little and would be a nice change from all the long running miles I’ve done this year.

So what are you planning for 2015? Have you entered any races already?

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