Review: Chia Charge flapjacks

Note this isn’t a sponsored post, I just wanted to share a great product with you.

The greatest flapjack I have ever eaten was during the Scotland coast to coast last year, we’d just finished the first bike leg of around 60 miles involving some serious hill climbing and the gels I had with me just weren’t doing it for me. Then at an aid station we came across these little squares of sugary heaven. At that moment in time it was the greatest food on earth, a perfect combination of sugar and carbs that melted in the mouth.

Everyone craves something different food wise when they take on an endurance challenge like this or an ultra, but I learned from that race that I need real food and something that isn’t pure sugar. However it also needs to be relatively simple flavour wise otherwise you spend the next few hours tasting it again. Banana Chia Charge flapjack

Knowing that I was planning on running ultra’s this year I’ve spent a lot of time (and money) figuring out the nutritional strategy that works for me. Part of this as you know has been to get away from gels and all the other sports nutrition that is full of chemicals and additives. This is when I came across Chia Charge, a relatively new company run by Tim Taylor who has an approach to sports nutrition that matches my own.

I’ve tried out a few of his products now but the ones that have really stuck are the Chia Charge flapjacks and they now form the main part of my nutrition whenever I do a long race or run. So much so that I have a box of 20 in my cupboards at all times (they also make a very nice evening snack!). I ate 3 of them during the Ridgeway 40, which combined with water was all I needed for that race.

Box of chia chargeThese flapjacks are beautifully soft so easy to eat on the go which is really important, no one wants to try and chew a hard energy bar when running do they? They’re also a nice balance of sweet and salty, personally I don’t want something really sweet and rarely eat sugary foods so this is ideal. I also like the slight saltiness to them though and I think they taste even better when running and you’re losing some of those salts in your body through sweat.

Then you have the addition of Chia and all the benefits that it is believed we get from them. Now I’m not totally convinced they’re truly this incredible super food, that wasn’t my main motivation for choosing Chia Charge, but they do add some nutritional value and another flavour/texture to the bars. The bars come in 2 flavours; plain and banana, I tend to try to take both on a race to give some variety.

Finally I must give a mention to Tim himself, you can buy these bars from some retail stores now but I’ve always ordered direct. His service is second to none with free delivery on orders over £25 and every time I’ve ordered I’ve received delivery in just a few days. So if you’re looking for something new for your nutrition do take a look, the products are high quality and you can support a great British business.

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