Run with a view 17/52

It’s been a quiet week running wise with legs not willing and motivation lacking, but I’m slowly getting back on track and this weeks run with a view photos are part of the reason why. Started to see lots of deer on my runs again which I assume is the warmer weather and also earlier daylight? But whatever the reason it seems that I’m quiet enough despite my running technique to get quite close to them before they see me or I see them. Getting a photo on an iPhone of this is of course easier said that done but in my first photo you can just make out the deer leaping across the rapeseed field.

It’s fair to say we’re getting April showers at the moment, so while mild it’s all of a sudden wet underfoot again. Bit of adjusting needed to get used to that again but Bracken is certainly loving having big puddles to dive through on our runs, I’m sure he’s half seal really.

Despite my first ultra looming on the horizon I took the whole of this weekend off running to try to give my legs and mind a proper break. I even rested when the kiddies slept which is unusual as that’s my 2 hours of get jobs done time normally. I did whole heartedly also embrace eating a massive roast beef dinner yesterday with pudding to follow. I figured my body probably needs some good calories at the moment so why not. Actually quite nice to just relax and eat like that rather than always be thinking about eating clean (although there was plenty of lovely veg with the roast).

This week is all about getting consistency again and also lots of stretching before a bit of a taper next week for the race. Also need to start thinking about the mental preparation needed.

Happy running everyone.

Deer in rapeseed field Glorious evening run on the Ridgeway

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