Run with a view – 16/52

A day late with this weeks run with a view but then it feels like Monday today doesn’t it? In any case last week was a great week of running. Yes that’s right, GREAT. Running confidence is such a fickle thing isn’t it? The post big race come down should never be underestimated and I wasn’t feeling completely satisfied due to my time to compound it. Then you do the whole rest for 3 days a week which further adds to the fidgetyness and if you’re anything like me turn into a grump.

But last week was a return to form, felt strong and absolutely loving being back 100% on trails and not thinking so much about pacing/intervals/splits. Feels like the spark has returned now that I’m refocused on a trail race again and as a result motivation is up.

I decided to push things over the long weekend and use the opportunity to get some good miles in given I need to build quickly towards the Ridgeway 40. I did 3 runs for a total of 40 miles which is way more than I’ve done in such a period before. Calf muscles feel a bit tight but apart from that I felt pretty good and able to keep the pace up also. We’ll ignore the fact that my 20 mile long run was only half the distance of my race in 3 weeks though right? After all that’s only 1 more lap to do….

Mornings like those captured in the photos below are a huge part of that returning running motivation; magical seeing the sun appear from behind the hills as I covered the first couple of miles of my run. No one else but me and the hound there to see it either. It’s on runs like these that you forget what distance you planned to run and you just take in the spectacle that mother nature is putting on for you.

Happy running.

Trail sunrise 1 Trail sunrise 2 Trail sunrise 3

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