Run with a view 15/52

Last was all about marathon recovery and feeling my way back into training. But it did feature some glorious sun rises to remind me exactly why I love trail running so much and they feature heaving on this weeks run with a view.

The theory is you should do very little running in the week after a marathon to give your legs a chance to recover. The aches may go quickly but there is deep tissue damage you can’t feel. But I was a fidgety, grumpy mess by Wednesday and could resist no more. Thursday morning I had an awesome 6 mile blast around my regular loop and boy did it feel good. Aches gone, karma restored and a much happier Ben!

Yesterday I finished the week with a lovely 10 mile loop at 6am with Bracken, great to be out doing a longer run again and an important first step in training for the next challenge. More of that to come later this week.

For all those bathing in London marathon glory enjoy it, it’s a great achievement. But if you’re anything like me you may well already be thinking about the next challenge.

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