Run with a view – 14/52

There is only one photo for this weeks run with a view and really there doesn’t need to be more. This is me, 26.2 miles done, everything left on the course, absolutely shattered. Not quite the time I’d hoped for, 9 mins over my 3.30 target but proud nonetheless and with every race you learn something new about this wonderful world of endurance. The scary thing is that for my next race I need to run another 1/2 marathon after doing the marathon distance, going to be interesting!

If you were racing this weekend I hope it went well and you achieved what you wanted.

Taunton marathon finish photo

P.S you may have noticed there was no run with a view last week, that was because quite honestly there were no interesting photos to show. Another week of recovering from a cold and trying not to panic about running a marathon!

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