Run with a view 12/52

Today’s run should have been a 2 hour easy pace run on the road as a final longish run before Taunton marathon, instead I did 90 minutes on my favourite trails with the hound for company. I just couldn’t face another plod along the tarmac when the sun was shining and the Ridgeway was calling me. After a bit of a write off week of running where the best that could be said was that I ran, today’s run helped restore a little bit of running karma.

I think if I’ve learned anything in training for this marathon it’s that my enjoyment of running is directly correlated to the amount of time I spend on the road. As much as I love running if I spend too much time on tarmac the excitement of tying up my laces soon begins to wane. Escapism is a big part of the reason I run and so naturally getting on a trail where it’s just me and the wildlife is always going to win.

Thankfully after Taunton marathon is done I start training purely for trail races again and so no need to step foot on tarmac at all! Then the challenge will be getting myself ready to run an ultra but I’m trying not to think about that just yet, especially given how hard my long runs have felt for the last couple of weeks.

Not many photos this week because running has been, well, a little shit and I really don’t need a reminder of those runs.

1 thought on “Run with a view 12/52

  • Oh wow a marathon! Good luck! I’m itching to get back on the road again after a week full of chest infection *cough* – hate being sick. Look forward to hearing how it went. Is it your first by the way?

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