Run with a view 11/52

Bats, birdsong and a moon so bright it cast a shadow. Dusk falling and just the sound of my breathing and my feet on the trail. Senses alert and focused in the ever waning light. That’s the way to do recovery runs, getting back to nature, running without water or music or a pack. Just running and taking in the surroundings – a run with a view!. It also beats running in the fog of doom earlier in the week.

It was a long week, the cold that had been lurking finally broke free and made me a snotty mess every time I ran. That combined with a 5am alarm call from my darling son on Saturday morning weren’t the best preparation for a long run but as my motto goes ‘you never regret a run’ so I headed out. I’m glad I did, 18 miles and almost exactly 2.5 hours later I was back and although tired it had been a good run. A bit of confidence restored after the previous weeks failure and now the prospect of beginning to taper.

Taunton marathon was 3 weeks yesterday, so so close which is exciting but also a little scary. My marathon in November I never doubted I wouldn’t finish, I was on a high from the Scotland coast to coast and feeling great. I know now I can run the distance but I really want to break 3 hours 30 minutes and I’m a little nervous about the pacing etc. But the training miles have been done, so now just some fine tuning of nutrition and kit and I should be ready. To keep me company while tapering I also purchased Eat and Run which so far has quite literally been food for thought.

Wherever you’re running this week enjoy and if you’re tapering embrace it!

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