Run with a view 9/52 and 10/52

You may have noticed it’s a been a little quiet around here recently, life got a little busy and then there was the small matter of a 4 day work trip to Morocco this week. So no run with a view last week but back with a double post this week. Last week was a good one training wise and culminated in a 2 hour 45 minute long run last Saturday that was just glorious. I headed out at 6am to get it in before the days activities and you honestly couldn’t have had a better morning to be on the trails. A cold, frosty start with the sun rising during my run giving a stunning sun rise from high up on the Ridgeway.

This week was very different, almost zero running until today due to my work travel but actually rather than stressing about it I actually quite enjoyed the release of pressure to keep up with my training plan. I did do a bit of yoga for runners in my room (my new obsession) plus a couple of very gentle morning runs on the beach. The rest and calming, cleansing sea wind were I think just what I needed this week after a few quite intense weeks of training.

Then today was the long run and boy did it feel long, the first warm day of the year and my first really long run on the road and not the trail. I now know for sure that I am not a road runner, I don’t know how people do lots of road miles it’s just so dull and busy and noisy. Today was tough, I fell 20 mins short of my 3 hour target but I think that was probably a good thing. It’s been a long time since I’ve been that hot on a run and I’d forgotten what it feels like to start overheating. On the plus side my shiny new road shoes were super comfy and no real hot spots which is awesome.

Whatever training you’re doing this week enjoy and run strong.

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