Run with a view 8/52

A day late with this weeks run with a view but I’m afraid I was having too nice a weekend to disturb it with blogging. Sunshine, coffee with my 2 little buddies and Sunday morning pancakes make for one very contented man. It’s been an interesting week though, one that started with not a lot of sleep or running due to small children and then slowly ramped towards yesterday’s long run.

After a slow start Thursday’s threshold run done at lunchtime was awesome, felt really strong and cranked out the threshold segments at a really nice pace. After a couple of slower runs it was then time for Sunday’s long run. In theory this was an hour easy and then an hour at marathon pace, but the wind had other ideas. Felt like I was floating on air for much of the first hour with a tail wind but then turning around towards the end of the loop I soon felt the full force of that wind.

You just have to keep telling yourself that it’s about effort and not pace, had though when you’re in a real slog rather than a confidence building peppy marathon pace run. Still according to Countryfile the wind will be gone after this week (thank god) and all the snow bells popping up is a sure sign spring is around the corner. I even manage my first run of the year in a short sleeve top last week which has to be progress!

A big week ahead now as we enter a key period in the training plan with a nice 2 hour 45 minute long run waiting for me on Sunday. Also just ordered some Mulebar gels and bars to try them out as a potential nutrition option, quite like the fact the company is based just over the hills from me.

Wherever you are running this week enjoy and stay healthy.

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