Run with a view 7/52

Looking at the photos for this weeks run with a view you could be mistaken for believing its been a gloriously sunny week of running. But the reality as anyone in the UK will know is very different. Strong wind and rain continued and we had gusts over 70 mph on Friday night. You can see the expression on my face in a couple of the photos below which I think tells the tale very well.

Not really conducive to running but I did manage to pick a couple of nice breaks in the weather for runs which culminated in a glorious Sunday long run this morning. Although actually it was just a 60 minute ‘long run’ today, was supposed to be 90 minutes according to my plan but I’m having a little foot pain so cut it short. Still did the final 25 minutes at half marathon pace though so feeling strong and on days like today it’s hard not to feel inspired.

After the strong winds it was amazing have a cold and frosty morning with clear blue skies and no wind!. Bracken and I headed out on the Ridgeway as normal and soaked up the warmth of the sun and the glorious views. We even saw a herd of fallow deer bouncing across the fields away from us. Just awesome.

I’m now over half way in my 16 week training plan and feeling healthy and strong apart from a little foot pain. Trying to keep the strength work going and also do some stretching. I’m also using my long runs to hone my nutrition plan by trying out some different gels. Also contemplating some new road shoes (aren’t all runners always thinking about new shoes?).

I also received the first issue of the newly launched Like the Wind magazine this week. A completely different running magazine to normal that is about running stories rather than gear reviews or training plans. Really enjoyed reading it so far so if you want a magazine with a difference do take a look, some top notch contributors in it.

Have a good week everyone, thanks for reading.

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