Run with a view 6/52

A pretty good week running wise this week and my biggest ever in terms of mileage thanks to a Sunday long run last weekend and a Saturday one this weekend. Of course it’s also been bloody windy which always makes running that little bit more interesting. I chose my long run route yesterday specifically to be as sheltered as possible yet still spent a good 5 miles running into a 30 mph head wind, not fun at all.

Last Sunday’s long run took in the final 6 miles or so of the Race to the Stones route, it was odd picturing myself in 6 months time running down there with 50 odd miles in my legs already. A scary thought but also quite exciting, lots of training to do before then!

However the quite literal light at the end of the tunnel is that there is a hint of lightness in the mornings now. Amazing what hope and energy not running in the pitch black can bring you. Hopefully means the worst of the winter slog is over and we might soon have some lovely dawn sunshine to be running in.

Wherever you’re running this week have fun and don’t forget – you never regret a run (even in a gale force wind!).

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