Run with a view 5/52

This week started badly, full of cold and no running and of course 2 children also full of cold. Yet despite this it ended pretty awesomely with a beautiful long run today in the sunshine along the Ridgeway. There was also the small matter of 3 runs on Friday as I ran to work and back as my car was in the garage. 3 relatively short runs but 3 runs all the same and quite enjoyable to give my body a different challenge.

We’re now also heading into week 8 of marathon training and the long run is starting to get serious and well beyond 2 hours. I enjoy doing them but it does make the whole logistics of weekend running that little bit harder. Todays long run also took in the final 6 miles or so of the Race to the Stones route, felt good today but not sure it’ll feel so good in the summer after almost 100km!

Good luck with whatever you are training for.

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