A run with a view 1/52

I love running that much I’m sure is clear, but my heart truly belongs to trail running. Being out in the countryside away from cars (and people) is what makes me happy. Having sheep, rabbits, deer, buzzards, sparrow hawks and the occasional badger for company is a whole lot better than cars, houses and tarmac.

The UK has some beautiful countryside and where I live I’m blessed with being able to run out of my door straight onto bridleways in an area of outstanding beauty. However what this does mean is that on days like today with crisp frozen ground and a big golden sun rising in the sky that it’s easy to get distracted from running. Inevitably I end up stopping fairly often to take photos of the view and why not when it looks like this?

They say running is good for the soul and on days like this I think it’d be hard for anyone to disagree.

Sunrise over Barbury castle


View over Marlborough downsGolden sun over Barbury castle-001

2 thoughts on “A run with a view 1/52

  • Wow amazing views – what camera did you take these on? I too feel pretty blessed to live where I do, I’m in Brighton and have a beautiful promenade and white cliffs to run by – you’re right, running really is good for the soul!

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