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A final long run that involves lots of mud and 40 mph winds has to be good prep for a trail marathon doesn’t it? At least that’s what I’m telling myself after yesterdays run along the ridgeway. Now a week of tapering and trying to avoid feeling nervous before tackling my first ever marathon. It’s an odd feeling being this close to a race than involves going further than you’ve ever gone before, you think you’re ready but you never truly know until you try do you?

The Broadway marathon has been on my bucket list from the start, it may not be a well known or iconic race but it’s fairly local which is always a good feature and looks to be a really nice small event with a race director who is passionate about good friendly races that respect the environment. It starts and finishes in the pretty village of Broadway which is near Evesham and incidentally is home to a very fine hotel in the Lygon Arms (awesome afternoon tea in case you’re interested).

I really hadn’t planned on doing any marathon this year let alone this one but when I got my rejection for the London marathon it gave me a kick to stop thinking about it and start doing it. It made me realise that I’m really only interested in running off road and actually big events like London are great but there is a lot to be said for small events also.

The course looks like a good challenge, 3,000 odd feet of climbing including up to Broadway Tower which is a local landmark on top of the hill. It’s a figure of 8 course which I quite like, definitely better than an out and back and also means you have a feel for some of the terrain when you finish the furthest loop.

broadway marathon route

The one slightly odd thing to deal with is there is a 2 mile uphill virtually from the start which with my pacing plan I’ll most likely end up walking a good chunk of. Always strange to start a race and then start walking almost straight away.

So that’s it, just need to prep my gear and avoid twisting my ankle on the easy runs I’ll do this week and hopefully next weekend will arrive with no wind and nice mild temperatures.

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