Where’s the light at the end of the tunnel?

If you’d asked me this time last week how I was feeling you’d have got a big smile and an enthusiastic GREAT, my Saturday long run had gone really well and I was feeling healthy and strong. I was on track for my marathon training and enjoying every run even the ones in the dark at 6am.

Fast forward a week and it couldn’t be more different, my right ankle is swollen and purple after spraining it again on Friday morning. My planned long run today out the window and not sure I really want to be running in the mornings any more. Amazing how your emotions can swing from so highs to lows in a short space of time.

Sprained ankle Oct13Running is what makes me happy and quite honestly when I can’t run because I’m injured I get grumpy very quickly. I need that regular fix of endorphins and the feeling of pushing my body. Yes I’m addicted but aren’t all runners?

So how do you manage these down times? How do you stay positive when you can’t do the thing you love? I try to do lots of stretching and eat well to look after my body, use the down time as a great rest period for what are inevitably tired legs.

Not easy though, I’m itching to lace up my shoes again and get out on the trails. Maybe I’ll try a run out tomorrow and take things easy? Ankle is sore but it’s just a bit of bruising right? Either way I need to get a long run in soon to keep on track for the marathon next month.

All words of wisdom appreciated.

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