The 5 week marathon training plan

Yes, yes I know that post title would probably be at home in the Daily mail, I’m clearly not going from zero running to running a marathon in 5 weeks. In fact I’ve notched up 800 miles this year so far so my legs are fairly used to the occasional run. Think of it more as a fine tuning plan, a few tweaks to my normal weeks running to get me ready for the challenge.

The reality has definitely set in about the whole running a marathon thing, but as a good chunk of finishing these things is mental I’ve chosen to ignore that reality.

But I do have a plan which so far has been going well apart from the nicely bruised ankle I’m currently sporting from what turned out to be a very short run on Tuesday. The idea is to keep going with my normal routine of 4 or 5 morning runs with Bracken but mix them up a little in terms of what I do.

I’ll do a couple of easy pace runs on my usual routes which are of course all off road and a distinctly dark in the mornings now when we go out. Then I’ll make at least one other run into a speed session, either with some nice hill repeats or a fartlek style run.

Finally and probably the most important bit is the long run, haven’t done much over 10 miles for a while so every weekend between now and the race must have a long run. I did 11 miles this afternoon in the driving wind and rain, took it easy but still did 7 min 40 sec miles, not bad off road on a hilly route. Even better it felt good, cold legs but other than that felt strong and no struggling at the end. Plan is to up it by 2 miles each week to get above 16 miles before race day.

Now if I can just avoid spraining an ankle again I think I may be ok, although it did occur to me today while running that it could well be cold for the race. Best dig out the leggings in preparation.

barbury castle

This is my gym 🙂

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