Scotland coast to coast – 2 weeks to go

It’s now less than 2 weeks until the Scotland coast to coast, the panic is set in. I’m in that period where it’s too late to do much about any fitness worries but not close enough to say ‘fuck it, let’s do this’.

Checking kit listSo I’m doing what I always do in moments of stress, I’m writing lists and organising my gear. Because you know being organised is worth at least 2 weeks good training. It’s probably not a bad idea though as I have the added complication that we’re having 2 weeks holiday in Scotland at the same time so we need to pack and organise 2 babies and a dog as well.

Gear wise it’s not too difficult to pack, I’ve been trying out the clothing combinations for a while now by doing some duathlons as part of my training. Getting used to the transition from bike to run and also what clothing works for both. In theory I could put padded cycling shorts on just for the bike but that seems like a bit too much hassle so I’m going with the lycra for the whole day. I have shorts that don’t have a massive amount of padding in any way and has been perfectly comfortable to run in. In fact so comfortable I’m tempted with some lycra shorts for my normal running rather than the loose baggy ones I tend to wear.

Deuter rucksack

I have invested in a cycling specific top though to give me some pockets on the back and also a bit longer so doesn’t ride up and also doesn’t need tucking in like a loose running top. Tight lycra and a tucked in shirt is not a good look!

Shoes were also an easy choice, I absolutely love my Scott Grip 2’s that I bought earlier this year. Almost 450 miles of running and no issues whatsoever, however that mileage does mean they need replacing which as I discovered 2 weeks ago wasn’t easy. Everywhere was out of stock and has taken ages to get a pair, but fingers crossed they are being delivered tomorrow. Just in time but really didn’t want to have to find a different model to use given how comfy they are.

Final big items are a pack which is my trusty Deuter bag which I’ve had for almost 10 years now ever since I was a student and working weekends at Snow and Rock. Nothing fancy about it but really comfortable and while maybe a tiny bit big for this race isn’t too bulky. Should hold the mandatory gear including a first aid kit nicely along with my trail shoes when I’m cycling. I also have my wind proof jacket which is a Montane featherlite mountain jacket, packs into a tiny bag and really light. Don’t tend to wear a jacket when running very often unless it’s really freezing but may well be useful on the bike.

Endurance life buffThe final mention goes to my buff, an Endurance Life one in this case, which has to be one of the most useful items to carry. If it’s hot you can keep it on your wrist or on your head like a bandanna to deal with sweat and if it’s cold you can put it around your neck or over your head to keep you warm. Will be really useful in this race where weather and temperature can change quite a lot I think.

Now I just need to choose my nutrition strategy and I’m ready as I’ll ever be.

2 thoughts on “Scotland coast to coast – 2 weeks to go

  • Starting to worry about this , never done anything like this, the most I have done before this is a half marathon trail run and that was hell , was doing this with my mate but he has had to pull out ,so doing this alone not what I was planning any tips would be much appreciated

    • hi – sorry, only just seen this. Are you doing it as a one day or two? My top advice would be to focus on bike fitness, it’s a decent distance to cycle especially if doing the one day. Other than that I wouldn’t stress, yes it’s a long way but you can definitely do it. There is good support from Rat Race and the final run is really a hike for most of it anyway. Put some though into food also, you’ll need to take on a good amount of calories during the event but given the distance I wouldn’t use just gels, have some real food like peanut butter sandwiches also. Good luck!

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