One month to go

Exactly one month from today I shall be (hopefully) finishing that little race I’ve signed up for. *whispers* you know the one that involves crossing Scotland from coast to coast. Which means I’m at that point before a big challenge where I’m part excited and part in denial about exactly what I’m going to do.

I’m also having a small panic over whether I’m fit enough, I think I am but the cycling still worries me as I haven’t done as much as I would have liked. Work has limited my plans for evening rides, not to mention the 2 weeks of travel to the USA. But this was also why I found myself setting an alarm for 5.30am today to get out for a 2 hour ride before work. The advantage of working from home 1 day a week is I can be a bit flexible with start times on those days and not worry about commuting to the office.

My legs felt terrible all the way around the ride, but when I got back it was not only my highest average speed (16 MPH) but also the longest at 28 miles. Not even halfway to the distance I’ll do in the race but good to know that even when feeling that my legs have no energy I can do a good pace and one higher than we plan for the race anyway.

Views like this make the pain in the legs a little easier to bear.

Views like this make the pain in the legs a little easier to bear.

I’m also trying to do some duathlons in training, on Saturday night I did a 6 mile run, a 21 mile bike and then a 4 mile run. Bloody exhausting and pitch black when I finished but good to get used to the feeling of making that transition. Actually my legs felt ok for the 2nd run which gave me some confidence that I can actually do this race. It also gave me chance to practice with some of the kit I plan to use and I of course have some shiny new things to play with.

Given that the race involves cycling and running layers of clothes will be the key, plus the fact that the weather could be quite changeable up in the hills. I’ve now done a few runs in padded cycling shorts and despite my concerns have had no issues at all so will be going with that and a couple of layers on my top half. With the added bonus of satisfying my new found love for lycra. Last week I bought a couple of bargain cycling tops from an outlet shop, they’re made by Dare 2b and I got both for £30 which has to be great value. With a base layer underneath and then my trusty Montane Featherlite Mountain jacket to put on when on the bike I think I should be sorted.

Now I just need to figure out the nutrition plan, I haven’t found solid food that works well yet and being out for around 12 hours in the race I’m going to need more than just gel’s. Any recommendations appreciated.

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