The running dad does Austria

The sounds were familiar; just running shoes pounding on the pavement and heavy breathing for company. But this city, this exotic land was different.

The eyes and nose filled with sights and smells that hadn’t been experienced before. Even at this early hour before the hustle and bustle started it was clear that this wasn’t the usual well worn running route.

There was an added excitement, an undercurrent of adrenalin to accompany those addictive endorphins. A sense of the unknown, what was around the next corner, should it be left or right here, is this area safe. A modern day adventurer.

Yet these are the runs you remember, the ones where magnificent buildings greet you unexpectedly. Ones where times and distances are irrelevant, where all that is important is that you are out there and running, the training plan forgotten

Then you return to the hotel, you rejoin the mainstream, the world filled with grey suits and shiny shoes. Where the talk is of sales growth and customer satisfaction. Do the numbers add up, can we make an exception this time, what are the risks.

But you know, you know what you were doing just a few hours before. The sweat that dripped off your nose, the aches that now fill your muscles and the sites you saw.

So you just sit, content, the scratch itched. Until the next adventure.

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